left over rice? – make rotis!

akki rotti – as it is known in coorg, is a brilliant innovation in my opinion.
it can be made soft, like wheat rotis or thicker crisp and crunchy patted out by hand. in every form it tastes delicious. coorgs are known for their love for ‘akki-rotti and pandi curry’ or spicy pork curry. it can be had with chutney for breakfast or a spicy curry for brunch/lunch/dinner

mom & grand ma used to pat it out with their fingers…oh the lovely crispyness around their finger prints on the roti  make one of my most cherished memories  

Do take out the time to try this one out with any spicy curry or chutney that you like. here’s a chutney you may like




this recipe serves 2


cooked rice – 1cup (less will do too)
rice flour – as required
water – as required
salt – to taste
onion – 2 chopped finely
green chillies – 4 chopped finely or to taste
coriander leaves – handful


1. grind cooked rice with as little water as possible
2. knead with required amount of rice flour, salt and water to create a medium soft dough (resembling wheat dough) IMG_20140605_085435





3. add onion, green chllies and coriander and knead again just before cooking. onion tends to leave water when mixed with salt. the dough turns runny.

4. spread out thick foil/plastic sheet – or even better,banana leaf andIMG_20140605_085457 smooth some oil over the surface. pat a medium sized dough ball into a round shaped roti evenly, greesing your finger tips with oil occassionally.

5. heat up a pan (thick iron pans are the best) pour in some oil and tilt/stick the roti directly into it
6. cook one side before turning it over and cook if. pour some oil again so it doesn’t  stick to the pan.


cut the foil/banana leaf just slightly larger than the roti size you would be making. it helps when turning it over on the pan


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