Steamed rice-balls (akki mudde)


Akki mudde final





Akki mudde literally means crushed (as in rice rolled into balls in your fist). It is a perfect example of how beautifully we can improvise on a regular staple ingredient like rice. This dish is steamed and contains no more than 2-3 spoons full of oil!

Smaller versions of the rice balls make great cocktail snacks..

Now this takes a little prior prep but trust me, it is all very simple..

this recipe serves 4

Akki tari/ broken rice-1cup
Oil – 2.5tablespoons
Water – 3cups

for tempering
Mustard seeds – 1teaspoon
Urad dal – 1teaspoon
Curry leaves- few

The coarse rice or akki tari :
Wash uncooked rice and dry it in when you get some sun.  Run it in the mixer once very quickly, so you have a very coarse rice flour. Rice grains should be broken down to about 1/4th of their actual size.
This can be prepared previously and stored just like regular rice.

The rice balls or akki mudde
– In a heavy bottomed wok, start with a tempering of mustard seeds,urad dal and curry leaves in oil.
– To this, add 3cups of water
– Once the water starts boiling, add salt, 1tspn oil and 1cup of the uncooked coarse rice prepared earlier
– Let this simmer covered, on low flame for about 7-8minutes, stirring  it couple of times in the last 3minutes.
– While the cooked mixture is still hot, make small balls from this  cooked ‘dough’ and steam them for 10minutes.


I admit this is a tad bit lengthier procedure than the other recipes, but it is totally worth it!
Try this with the very delicious and very typical sesame chutney ellu gojju


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