Farm fresh produce this summer..

My parents grew up in a small hill town admist farms and greenery..when they could, they settled down on the outskirts of a now over-grown city. For whatever little land they had around the house, they have used every bit of soil to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Now, I live in Mumbai. No space. The closest I can get to a garden – is 10 pots and aloe vera and fenugreek plants for a kitchen garden!

So when we go home, I gorge on home-grown produce like I haven’t eaten in ages. I must have eaten at least 10kilos of just avacados this time! Here’s a glimpse of the produce I enjoyed this summer!
Over the next few weeks, I hope to put up the fantastic comfort recipes these fruits and vegetables are used for by stay with me!

There is one green fruit of the lime family, I could not find the English name for..maybe you can help..

final 1 ver

With names 3

with names 1with names 2with names 3With names 1with names 1


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