Diwali special – rava laddoos

Years after I moved out of home, I am now at the start of my journey as a mother..creating warm memories for my daughter to cherish..just the way my family did for me

Prepared these two delicious treats for the first time my self..thanks to precise instructions from mom, they turned out pretty well! (Rava laddoos are my absolute favourite – juicy, lightly sweetened little treats..just down one every time I pass the kitchen!)

So happy diwali everyone! I hope you cherish the joy and hope all year through!


Rava Laddoos:

Makes 20-25 laddoos

Rava/Sooji (Fine) – 1cup                                                         Cardamom – 2pods
Ghee – 4 tablspoon                                                                Cloves – 4
Powdered sugar – 1cup                                                          milk – a few teaspoons
Salt – a pinch
Dried coconut/Khopra (grated or ground)- 1/4th cup or more if you like
– Grind sugar with cardamom and cloves to a fine powder
– Heat ghee and roast rava/sooji on low heat. Add salt and roast till the rava turns off white or very lightly golden.
– turn off the heat and add sugar and the coconut
– Sprinkle some milk over the mixture and make small balls and set aside
you can use a little more milk if the mixture has cooled off and you find it easier then to
make laddoos
– In a few minutes, the laddoos will harden slightly and are ready to eat!


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