Link up: Kitchen garden recipes

‘Link parties’ – I just LOVE the term, Don’t you!
Especially since I am currently a stay-at-home Mom!! – any party is great partyy!

Living in the city, suburbs or even a lovely farming village we have all, at some point experienced the absolute heart warming comfort of a meal however simple – with produce grown right in your own garden!

logo-link up

Even a simple few green chillies have a distinct crunch and an aroma a store bought one can rarely match..don’t you agree?

I invite you to grace our blog with your recipes involving produce which may usually be grown at home/kitchen gardens

I plan to add home-food recipes with the fresh produce my parents had this summer..Please feel free to visit the page
Farm fresh produce this summer 

Some simple request:
– Feel free to link any recipe with ingredients we can usually grow in kitchen gardens
– Please be sure to display our logo on your page
– Please be sure to display a link to this page
– Share as many recipes and with as many friends You can also e-mail me at – & I will post your recipe with due credit

Cheers & happy eating!


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