label.jpg ajji mane (grand mother’s home) culminated from my mother’s love for traditional tastes. 35 years of soleley  running her kitchen with recipes learnt from her grand mother and my grand mother – perfected to precision.

profile picturemom loves to cook and feed anyone who comes her way. food is her therapy. her karma perhaps – she has played host to the most unexpected list of guests. helpers at my father’s office, a purohit at my uncle’s – in law’s function, a family visiting a site near our home, my husband’s friends who stayed  overnight after a party, our large family visiting impromptu from a function where lunch was indefinitely delayed! everyone is welcome, everyone who comes home, will be offered a meal hot and comforting.

and every time, large gathering or small – an entire meal is always ready in under 20 minutes!!

with a toddler at home and a packedprofile pic schedule, i am cooking & working overtime! i just HAD to learn from mom.. hence this endevour to put together a collection of delicious recipes, tips and ideas that can make cooking a quick and welcome task!

mom, friends, family and food bloggers – i hope to dip into all your cookbooks and fine sense of taste 🙂

gung ho!


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